Wednesday, 25 February 2009

Butterfly Bridesmaid Dress

Well finally!!!!!

Have put pictures on my site. However, pictures are not that great because it looks sooo much nicer 'in the flesh'

It must be good, because I always ask my 13yr old son his opinion.

Normally he just grunts and says 'mmmmm' and then I know he really doesn't care and is not that impressed by girlie dresses . I have come to expect that , so was very surprised when he said it was pretty 'for a girlie dress'. I am truly honoured.

I LOVE Swarovski crystals, they just shine in the light sooo nicely.

Hope you like it. There are more pictures on the misi site


  1. wow a comment like that from a teenage boy you must be over the moon lol.
    It's beautiful, well done

  2. Yes , twas nearly a drop down in astonishment moment .

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