Thursday, 26 January 2012

Love Getting Pictures x

I love getting pictures of dresses I have created.
 I have just received some lovely photos. The photographer, whom I  do not know, seems to have captured the group really well.

The bride came to me because, although they had found some lovely childrens dresses, there was not an adult dress in the same colour and also one of the young bridesmaids had measurements that were not standard for her age.
She wanted all three to match in colour, but have their own choice of style.

The bridesmaid, pictured next to the bride, wanted a long dress with a swag front and, at the time of the visit, I had a small dress out that had a ruffle on the strap and she liked it and wanted it on her dress.

The next bridesmaid wanted thicker straps and a shorter style with the swag front.

I did not meet with the adult bridesmaid until a later date and she was thinking of not having the swag front, just a princess line dress with a band under the bust and spaghetti straps, however, when I showed her how slimming the swag would be if it were added, she decided to have the swag too.

And to finish off I made three stoles , because the wedding was in October.  I think it was actually the hottest day I have ever known in Britain in October !! It was perfect.
It is lovely to get emails with pics xx

Monday, 16 January 2012

My Fave, so far

Well, havent looked at too many photos of The Golden Globes, but some of what I have seen didn't really impress, except this one.  Angelina looks stunning , mind you, bit of a fan of Brads too :)

Just my opinion mind, will have a better look when I am not supposed to be busy altering wedding dresses.

Have a good day x