Monday, 5 March 2012

Wedding Fayre

On Sunday I went to a wedding fayre, as an exhibitor.  I have not done one for ages . 

It was at the newly refurbished Civic Hall, Trowbridge. And what a transformation it has had , its lovely.  There were 20 +  exhibitors .

I met some lovely people , I am based in Melksham and it seems that I was surrounded by others from Melksham too.  The lady on the stall next to mine was Helen , her stall was so pretty.  She hires Vintage China and makes cakes.  Which I can confirm, are delicious, because I got to sample one. Somebody else came to my stall and told me they were the best tasting ones she had tried out of all the other cake stalls , so it really would have been rude not to see for myself :)
See, good enough to eat.

I made a wedding dress for my stand but I cant believe I forgot my camera on the day, so I have not got a photograph of it yet.  I did take the jacket I had made, and had some very complimentary comments about it.

 One of the compliments was from Trowbridges' very own Town Crier, mind you, I think he has a thing for red  :)
It was a great day.  I talked the hind legs off a donkey that day, so hopefully it will lead to some work.  It always takes a bit of time. People visit these wedding fayres quite early.  A fair few people are not gettting married until 2013.  Now thats preparation for you.