Wednesday, 25 February 2009

Butterfly Bridesmaid Dress

Well finally!!!!!

Have put pictures on my site. However, pictures are not that great because it looks sooo much nicer 'in the flesh'

It must be good, because I always ask my 13yr old son his opinion.

Normally he just grunts and says 'mmmmm' and then I know he really doesn't care and is not that impressed by girlie dresses . I have come to expect that , so was very surprised when he said it was pretty 'for a girlie dress'. I am truly honoured.

I LOVE Swarovski crystals, they just shine in the light sooo nicely.

Hope you like it. There are more pictures on the misi site

Tuesday, 24 February 2009

Swarovski on Misi

Hi, just wanted to let you know that I have just posted some genuine Swarovski Crystal Butterfly beads on Misi. Look out for Tazbride shop.

I have finally, in amongst all other work, completed a little bridesmaid dress, influenced by my love of butterflies. However, tried to take some pictures to put it on Misi , but I must be the only person I know who can take rubbish photographs with a digital camera, so I will have to try again tomorrow.

Monday, 23 February 2009

Something New For Me

Well, as a dressmaker, I am in my comfort zone. However, most people seem to think that because you can sew, you can make anything. Especially family members.

My sister asked me to make some seat covers for her two sofas. Aaah !!!. She has two dogs and cream sofas, I just wondered what took her soooo long to ask me, she was washing the covers several times a week in the bad weather.

So I got out my trusty sewing bible, Reader Digest Complete Guide to Sewing, wouldnt be without it xxxxx , and had a little look in the back . It has complete instructions for this task , thank goodness.

She had picked the fabric from a shop we visited in Trowbridge, Fabric Magic its called .
So, I got cracking , and here is the result.

Trouble is, we have enough left over for a couple of cushions too. She ordered extra fabric on top of what I said we needed, so I guess I should have seen this coming !

Monday, 16 February 2009

Schools Out !!

Well, first day of the holidays is nearly over.
Disrupted day, got hardly anything done.

Had to do housework because I had a customer coming over to try on her sample dress.

I have a small house so that involves cleaning virtually all rooms before any visit!!!

The sample is made in calico, she was pleased. A few changes are needed, but that is mostly style rather than fit, so I too, am pleased. Not a completely wasted day then.

I thought I would show some pics of some embellishment that I have just done.

The bride bought her dress, however she got some bargain party dresses for her bridesmaids and wanted a bit of sparkle added.

Basically I just used some beads I had and created something that looked similar around the top of the neck. Also a few large glass beads on the skirt.

Tuesday, 10 February 2009


Evening, hope everyone is not suffering tooo much with the weather.

My son tried to blag another day off school. Its only been raining !!!! But it has been continual, all day in fact, so there has been flooding in the area.

Still, I have retired to my blissful world of weddings and proms. No real world business for me. Weather , what weather !!!

Thought I would share with you some more photos of projects that I have done before.

I decided to call my business INSPIRED BRIDES .I wanted to work with people who wanted that something a little bit different. This one certainly fitted the bill. Although I do love all wedding related things, everyone is just so happy.

The lady in question had found her fabric in a curtain/cushion type fabric shop. She bought some and came to me with one metre of it, enough to make a bodice. Then wanted to know how we could incorporate this into her wedding. She just loved the colours.

After leaving it with me for a while, my brain ticked over , then I got back to her with some ideas.

We ended up putting a bronze silk with it , the colour was in the fabric, used it as a skirt colour.

The bridesmaids were all in different colours of silk, but they were all contained in the fabric also.

The young girl was lucky. She was a Liverpool supporter so I was told that red was a definate must for her. Thank goodness that it was the right red !!!!

Sunday, 8 February 2009

Inspired Brides

I thought I would show you a dress that I made last year , for a bride.

She came to me because a dressmaker, in her town , had already had her fabric and pattern for a month and had not started work on it. She only had 3 months left till her wedding and was getting slightly concerned , poor lady.

The fabric came from China , via a friends husband who goes over there for working trips !!!!! Yikes , would you trust a man to pick up some suitable wedding dress fabric!!!!

I made the sample up in the lining fabric first, the bust area needed some alteration because patterns are generally in a B cup and we needed a bit more in that area. Once the sample had been tried on we found it still came down a bit low on the bust so made a fresh top part. Luckily it had a seam underneath the bust so that I knew I would not be wasting much lining fabric if I did have to re-do it.

We only just had enough fabric to make the dress, it could have done with being fuller on the skirt but I had to work with what I had.

Normally the fabric is organized after I have seen the pattern, but this was a bit different.

The silk was a gorgeous grape colour which changed in the light and it was lovely and soft. She was very pleased with the end result, the counselling and the speed at which it was started.

There is always counselling involved in the making of wedding dresses you know !!!

Hope you like x

Thursday, 5 February 2009

Should I be Fired !!!!

Well,like a lot of people I did not make it to work today, my son is home from school, but I have not seen him since breakfast.

I was thinking, should I be fired for not attending!!

This is where I work,its at the bottom of my garden ,he he. Treacherous journey saved .

I am self employed , so a good talking to will do I think.

My sister popped round with her dogs, max and homer, who absolutely loved the snow. They are both now asleep because they wore themselves out. Max is the black dog and is getting on a bit now, but as you can see he was jumping about. My sister said he was like a puppy again.

Enjoy it while it lasts, I say. We dont normally get any that stays for this long.

Wednesday, 4 February 2009

More little bridesmaids

I was going to write about a jacket that I altered, unfortunately I seem to have deleted the photographs, and now only have them in my photo album for people to see. I do that quite often, maybe one day I will see if they will scan and show you the change of collar style.

For now I have decided that I will show you two more bridesmaids that I made, from scratch.

I created the patterns myself.

The bride came to me with her dress to alter, which was white with gold on it. She then bought two adult burgundy dresses, with stoles.

She had four smaller bridesmaids which she wanted to match, somehow, with what she had already bought. The picture only shows two dresses. Also one of the girls was only , nearly , one yrs old

We bought white tulle and some gold satin to match her dress and then I used the stoles of the adult bridesmaids to create sashes for all of the dresses. Everything matched !!!!

Monday, 2 February 2009

My first little bridesmaid pic

One of the first projects I did was for a friend of mine.

I cant seem to find the computer programme for most of the wedding party , but whilst going through a memory stick, I found this picture of her daughter who was aged one, at the time.

Finally !!!

Well, I have finally got around to posting my first official blog.

At the moment its lovely and white outside, I am writing this at my dining room table whilst my son is wrapped in his duvet , on the sofa, drinking hot chocolate.

I am a dressmaker by trade and, although at times, this can be stressful, its what I have always dreamed of doing.
I have a workshop, which , although only at the bottom of my garden, I am a bit loathe to go to because of the snow.
I have several projects on the go at the moment. A wedding dress, a prom dress, and a costume dress.
I have just finished beading two little bridesmaids dresses so that they are not quite so plain and it matches the brides dress, she is getting married abroad so I hope the weather is better for her.!!!!

I have a site on under the name tazbride and also a site on which are quite new and really need to be added to more often but I find I work better with a deadline , which a wedding date definitely is .

Hope you find the time to have a little look. I believe in supporting small crafts people, I love the individuality and I know how much care and creativity go into these things.
Have just re-read that, it doesn't mean that they are small people , just meant, smaller businesses. Ha