Thursday, 13 May 2010

Couldnt resist !!!

I am just loving this year, becoming 40 is not as dull as I thought it might be and I still have a while to go yet !!!!

A couple of weeks ago I went to London for the weekend. I have family there and it was a pre-Milan shopping trip. I cant possibly turn up to one of the fashion capitals looking rubbish now, could I ???

Went to Westfield shopping centre and found some irresistible shoes, which 3 people commented on and I had not even left the shop !! They look sooo sexy on, but the picture only shows you how they look off. I think I will get a picture done with them when I am in Milan so that you can see where they get to.

I have even been getting them out of the box just to look at them. Who said shopping does not make you happy !!! I know they are lying xx

I also bought myself a Jasper Conran handbag. I do like it, but somehow it does not have the same effect as the shoes !!

I very rarely go shopping, and even more rarely , enjoy it. Me and my son had a lovely time with my Auntie and Uncle and I should really do it more often, but I am not sure if the purse strings can handle it !!!! Westfield shopping centre has soooooo much stuff.