Thursday, 24 September 2009

Bridesmaids summer 2009

I got an email this morning from a bride. She looks lovely, but I did not make her dress. She had already sorted out her dress, however, she did keep telling me that she had wished she met me first.

I made her bridesmaid dresses for her though. Black and ivory satin. Made from a picture of something similar. Very pleased with the outcome, as was she . Always nice to receive pictures.

More work done

Front and back view of a jacket I made. Fully lined, and covered buttons
Very pleased at the fit, did a lining sample first just to check. If I had made the jacket in the size it suggested it would have been huge. There was far too much wear ease, made it nearly two sizes smaller so that it was snug, as the customer wanted.

Tuesday, 8 September 2009

Photo of Bridesmaids

I did some alterations on the bridal gown and older bridesmaids. The 4 young bridesmaid dresses are made completely by me.

The wedding dress was white and gold, so we had a gold satin bodice and white tulle skirt.
The older bridesmaid dresses came with stoles, I used these to make the sashes for the little dresses.

I think they look very complimentary.

Wednesday, 2 September 2009

look what I found

Was looking on and found this. Love it . It is by cocorocco
I do not normally make jackets .

I normally stick with wedding items, proms, anything dressy really.

However, this lady had been let down by some-one . She had been given the fabric, which a family member had brought back from his travels to the Orient, bought a pattern and needed some-one to make it.

We decided to line it in a gold lining because it would have been too difficult to match the red.
She also did not want long sleeves, so I made them shorter. Good job really, she would not have had enough fabric for a long sleeve version. As it was I only just managed to juggle the pattern pieces on the fabric and had to cut out each one individualy
The pattern was quite straight forward, except that the sleeves were not lined , so I lined them because this fabric frays badly.
I should have taken a picture on the lady herself, but this is what I took before giving it to her.
Hope you like.

Tuesday, 1 September 2009

Wedding Dress 2009

This wedding dress is made of silk tafetta.
A lot of input came from the lady herself.
We started off with wedding dress pictures , and the dress evolved from there.

Because this was to be a non church wedding, the lady wanted a shorter, straight dress than the pictures that she brought, but the top part was similar to one of the pictures.
In order that we were both on the same wave-length , a sample dress was created and we went from there.

She sent me this photo and a lovely email to say how pleased she was , also that she had lovely comments from her guests.