Thursday, 14 May 2009

Thank You Card

This morning, in my post, I got something unexpected.

The dress I have put on the previous blog was for a girl I have done some work for. This morning she sent me a lovely hand drawn card. Inside was the following;

I just wanted to say a big thankyou for making me 3 wonderful dresses that I love very much.
Its amazing how you made exactly what I saw in my imagination. I'll definately come to you if I have any more ideas.

Well, it made my day. Its lovely to receive comments that are totally unexpected.

Monday, 11 May 2009

Costume Dress

Well, finally managed to get my old laptop on the go so that I can put some photos on line.

Cant really show too many until after the events they are for.

This dress is a similar dress to one that the lady saw in a museum. The lady in question seems to have money to spend on having dresses made, lucky her.I dont even know where she wears them. They are not for any other reason than she wants a dress and she loves old fashioned styles. She came to me with a picture taken in a museum in Bath , I think.

We could not find any fabric with a floral print that was the same so ended up making the base of the dress in a poly/cotton and I hand stitched the silkpetals onto it . She loves it.

She loves big girlie dresses and I love a challenge. Its not to everyones taste in todays world, but she was very happy with the end result. It has a hooped petticoat underneath to fill it out.

Saturday, 9 May 2009

How time flies.

I cant believe that I have not posted anything on my blog since February !!!!

I have been soooo busy.

I have been working on several different things and will have to get my photos sorted so that I can post some pictures.

I also took a trip to London, on my own, staying at relatives. We went all over the place. I actually got to go into the Tower of London and see those fabulous jewels of the Queens. Wow, wouldn't mind some of those. We were lucky enough to have a fabulous Yeoman Guard guiding us around and giving us a talk , it really made it much more interesting and he was most amusing. Highly recommend it.

Ate in lots of nice places, there is a new mall, largest in Europe I believe. Fabulous eating places. I tried not too look in the shops too much . However, clothes-wise , most of the shops that I looked in were not really that impressive. Too much stock I thought, with not much in the way statements , that stood out. Mind you, I am limited to a middle of the road price range.

One shop that did stand out , for me, had to be Karen Millen. Dresses to die for. And matching shoes !!!! Bliss
However, if its shoes you want, and you can walk in high heels . WOW, loads , everywhere and sooo gorgeous, in all of the shops I went into.

Also had a trip to Harrods, cant believe that, at my age, I have not been in there. Some fabulous things. I did tell my Uncle that I would like him to save up for my Xmas present. A beautiful bangle with diamonds. Only about £8000 , bargain, I thought. However , was pleasantly surprised in the cake dept. Very reasonable prices fro London. Cheaper than some of the cafes we went into.
I was nearly drooling in the chocolate shop !!!!! Wow.

Sorry, gonna have to go now. Cant see the letters, watching Philadephia, the movie !!!