Wednesday, 2 September 2009

I do not normally make jackets .

I normally stick with wedding items, proms, anything dressy really.

However, this lady had been let down by some-one . She had been given the fabric, which a family member had brought back from his travels to the Orient, bought a pattern and needed some-one to make it.

We decided to line it in a gold lining because it would have been too difficult to match the red.
She also did not want long sleeves, so I made them shorter. Good job really, she would not have had enough fabric for a long sleeve version. As it was I only just managed to juggle the pattern pieces on the fabric and had to cut out each one individualy
The pattern was quite straight forward, except that the sleeves were not lined , so I lined them because this fabric frays badly.
I should have taken a picture on the lady herself, but this is what I took before giving it to her.
Hope you like.

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