Sunday, 8 February 2009

Inspired Brides

I thought I would show you a dress that I made last year , for a bride.

She came to me because a dressmaker, in her town , had already had her fabric and pattern for a month and had not started work on it. She only had 3 months left till her wedding and was getting slightly concerned , poor lady.

The fabric came from China , via a friends husband who goes over there for working trips !!!!! Yikes , would you trust a man to pick up some suitable wedding dress fabric!!!!

I made the sample up in the lining fabric first, the bust area needed some alteration because patterns are generally in a B cup and we needed a bit more in that area. Once the sample had been tried on we found it still came down a bit low on the bust so made a fresh top part. Luckily it had a seam underneath the bust so that I knew I would not be wasting much lining fabric if I did have to re-do it.

We only just had enough fabric to make the dress, it could have done with being fuller on the skirt but I had to work with what I had.

Normally the fabric is organized after I have seen the pattern, but this was a bit different.

The silk was a gorgeous grape colour which changed in the light and it was lovely and soft. She was very pleased with the end result, the counselling and the speed at which it was started.

There is always counselling involved in the making of wedding dresses you know !!!

Hope you like x

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