Wednesday, 4 February 2009

More little bridesmaids

I was going to write about a jacket that I altered, unfortunately I seem to have deleted the photographs, and now only have them in my photo album for people to see. I do that quite often, maybe one day I will see if they will scan and show you the change of collar style.

For now I have decided that I will show you two more bridesmaids that I made, from scratch.

I created the patterns myself.

The bride came to me with her dress to alter, which was white with gold on it. She then bought two adult burgundy dresses, with stoles.

She had four smaller bridesmaids which she wanted to match, somehow, with what she had already bought. The picture only shows two dresses. Also one of the girls was only , nearly , one yrs old

We bought white tulle and some gold satin to match her dress and then I used the stoles of the adult bridesmaids to create sashes for all of the dresses. Everything matched !!!!

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