Monday, 22 August 2011

Anything is possible , well , probably

I quite often get asked about changing a zipped back dress into a laced up dress.  There are several reasons, mainly because a dress doesnt fit anymore !!!
 However, this time it was because a bride had bought her special dress but had always wanted a laced up wedding dress.
 I normally forget to take a photograph !! However, I thought I would take one for my collection.
The dress is beautiful , and by Amanda Wyatt.
This is the before............
I removed part of the zip, leaving it in place up to the waist.
 I had to remove some of the back of the bodice too, giving it the V shaped back, which meant I also had to take out the boning  from the lining and move it over.  I inserted loops, made the tie and a modesty panel for the underneath
And here is the after ......
Luckily, for this dress, I had a perfect match in my fabric stash to do this.   The bride is very pleased, which is always the main thing xx


  1. Wow! that is so clever! I am always in awe of seamstresses as it is beyond my imagination to be able to work the magic you do!

  2. beautifully done, paula, I'm sure the bride was delighted.
    joy xx

  3. just wanted to say thank you your blog post was invaluable as i had been asked to alter a dress for a christening/wedding blessing, the dress was too long and too small across the back, so having taken it up and re sewn the lace edging it was time to tackle the back, i knew roughly what i needed to do but your post showed me exactly how to add the loops for the ribbon corseting, the dress was a different design to yours as it had shoulder straps and a v back so i had to add some darts to pull it in but without your blog post I wouldn't have know about openeing up the seams and adding the loops into the seams so thanks once again for a brilliant post. i shall be doing a blog post about it soon and will link back to your blog if thats okay
    regards tracy