Wednesday, 7 September 2011

A Big Thankyou, and New Look 6699

Before I get to the dressmaking part of this blog. I would just like to thank those of you who take the time to read and comment . Unfortunately, due to being a more creative person, computers and their terminology baffle me still !!  I used to be able to comment back to my readers, but for some reason its telling me I cant anymore !!!
 So I would just like to say THANKYOU XXX 
All those that I follow, I do read too, just so you know and dont think me rude :)

This post is connected to a previous post about purple satin and the pattern NEW LOOK 6699.
I made 3 bridesmaid dresses for a lady whom I never met ! Her Mum came to me with the idea of a style, so I suggested that she look at dressmaking patterns to see if there was something she liked, well, New Look 6699 it was.
All of the bridesmaids lived in different areas of the country, none of them, near me !!!
So I gave a list of all the measurements I needed and they were filled out by each lady and sent back. One of the ladys could get to me , so I started on hers first, made a sample garment to check the design was correct, this was photographed so that the bride could see and confirm she was happy, she was in London.
The other two lived in Liverpool and Chester, so I made sample garments in calico which were sent to them in the post . They got them, tried them on, photographed them at 4 different angles that I had asked for and sent me comments about the fit .  Its always difficult relying on someone elses measuring, and also, as happened here, us women have an awful habit of changing size in the shortest of time !!
So, after all of the fit changes, I made the dresses and the Mother of the Bride picked them up.  Well, I didnt hear anything for ages and I am a stickler for a proper fit so I was a bit worried !!! However, got a phonecall and the Mother of the Bride popped round with the wedding photos for me to look at, which I love doing, gave me some photos for my portfolio, and some more work. 
The dresses had been fine and fitted well, there had been no need for me to panic LOL

And guess what, this is a photo of a photo, because I have 'misplaced, in a safe place' my disc for my printer/scanner so I can connect it to my laptop !!!! Ooooh technology :) Hope you like xx

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