Wednesday, 1 September 2010

Back to sewing

Well, I have chatted about my mini break but my blog was supposed to be for showing some of my work !!! Inbetween my little excursions I have done some work.

This one was for a Stepmother of the Bride. The lady in question had actually found a shop which stocked a line from . Unfortunately they did not stock her size, she was told that if they ordered one she would have to have it. It is difficult to be sure of something if you can not try it on and they are costly if you decide that once it arrives it does not suit you ! However, their clothing is lovely.

She showed me a picture of the one she liked, however, she did not want a bodice so we changed the top completely. Also, we decided on a longer length skirt. It is made in tafetta, Chinese Red and Black. The red is lovely, it catches the light and looks purple/red. I had extreme difficulty in finding a lace motif that I liked. I ended up buying some Chantilly lace and cutting it up !!! Rather expensive to do, but it was the right thing to get. I added some black beads and sequins to it.

This is the end result. She was very pleased and enjoyed being able to make her changes to suit her own figure.


  1. Hiya, ur blog is lovely, really like it. Now followin. xx

  2. Thankyou, it is nice to know people actually read my ramblings. LOL