Sunday, 29 August 2010

Last Day at Milan

The final installment of my break :(

We only had the morning to spend in Milan, we had to be at the airport in the afternoon.

On the Saturday we were going to climb the roof of the Duomo but, due to security for the parade, it was closed off.

However, even though there were people inside for a service, we found out that we were allowed to go up on the Sunday so our disappointment was over. So worth the visit !! Beware, even though we used the lift, there were still lots of steps to go up.. Leg muscles !!! And so not the time to have worn a short skirt !!! But it was not planned.
The views were amazing . Apparantly every statue, of which there are loads, is different. It was lovely. Have I mentioned about the lovely weather !! (not in this post, ha ha ) Well worth the trip. Although the view from certain points, over the city, was not too spectacular. Unfortunately there seems to be lots of development going on, I am glad I got to visit when I did, I fear that they are spoiling bits of the city which is a great shame as there is some truly beautiful architecture.

After our Cathedral visit, we went for a last drink in a cafe beside the square. Watching the people go by and already missing the place. I had the biggest Mojito on the menu , full of crushed ice and absolutely gorgeous on that hot day.

Thank you Milan for a lovely time x

Just to finish, here is a pic of me, terrified at the airport. I hate flying, but I force myself to do it because I like to get to somewhere else x

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