Tuesday, 17 August 2010

Catch Up

Well, life has been so hectic that I have neglected my blog, in fact, at one stage I was on a limit of half an hour per day on the computer !!!! Just because time can wizz by on the darn thing .

I have been busy working on a wedding dress which caused me a few design issues and took rather longer than it should have. Also had several other jobs to do .

However, the last time I posted was back in May !!! That was to show you my new shoes which were going to be travelling to Milan with me.

I thought I would share some of it with you, but will have to do it in stages as there are so many nice pics . It was absolutely gorgeous weather. We stayed at Hotel De La Ville which turned out to be just a street away from the main square. Very Old English gentlemans Club type feel to the place. More English than a lot of our places in fact. Was great, would highly recommend it and the breakfast was gorgeous . Top Marks x
Well, of course, the first thing any self respecting woman would do on arrival in Milan on a Friday lunchtime, is to head to the shopping mall. Bit out of my price range !!! But was nice to look at the Prada, personally I am not a Louis Vuitton girl so was not too bothered about that. Gorgeous building thoughAnd here is the Italian Mr Bean, our lovely waiter that Friday evening . LOL . A street away from our hotel and next to the Ferrari showroom !! was a lovely restaurant, very reasonble prices, gorgeous food and wine, fantastic service. And here is a pic of my lovely Auntie who took me away for my birthday treat. Cant quite believe I am nearly 40, its creeping up very quickly now !!!! I have more pics but will leave it there for now. But it is certainly a lovely place to be and the fantastic weather certainly helped. I think the European lifestyle, eating and drinking out in the sunshine, certainly suits me xx LOL


  1. Yes! Italian Mr Bean, I can soooo see that LOL.
    Nearly 40....you're life is about to begin : )
    You look happy and relaxed in these photos Paula and I'm so pleased you had a lovely time.

  2. OMG Mr Bean! lol - how did you not get the giggles

  3. (My spelling! 'Your life' sorry)