Tuesday, 26 June 2012

Prom Time

Well, bit like buses, you don't hear from me for ages , then two come along  !!! .

I have been being a Mum and visiting family.  Managed to do both at the same time. 

It is my Sons prom this year and we have family down in Devon.  My Nan and Grandad are both in very good health and it was lovely to see them , not many 40yr olds can say they have Grandparents and I feel very blessed. 
Whilest there, my Son and I went shopping for his prom suit in Exeter.  He tried on a couple, but fell in love with one from Moss Bros.  Funny, but we got it half price but it did not have anything on to say it was .
He wanted a 3-piece, its charcoal, and has purple lining .  We got a shirt and tie set in purple, to match, from Next
I know I am biased, but here is a picture of my gorgeous, grown-up boy.

I cant believe where the time has gone xxx


  1. He looks great, Paula. They grow up far too quickly, dont they? My baby will be 22 this year.

  2. What a handsome boy, and he suits a suit if you know what I mean!! Hope he has a great time at the prom x