Thursday, 28 June 2012


I am not going to post too much about this, as I am sure most people who want to hear about the Jubilee, have already watched and read enough.

But, I was in London at the same time as it all.  I have family in London and I had not really intended to participate in any festivities, just visit my Aunt and Uncle.  I have nothing against the Royal Family, but coming from a small town, they do not really feature in my life.

However, whilest there, we walked along the Mall on the Saturday and saw them preparing everything, we went to Somerset House and wow, that is lovely , has a balcony that you can get drinks or bring your own. We sat and had a drink and basically soaked up the atmosphere, saw the tents of people along the riverside and enjoyed the sun, yes , I did say sun !!
My Aunty has lived in London for over 30 yrs and she said that the atmosphere in London had never felt so good.
Saturday night the weather turned, I was safely ensconced in my Auntys flat, but all I could think about was those poor people in their tents !!!!!

Sunday though, we decided to try and see if we might get by the Thames to see the boats, we managed to be in front of Somerset House, they had a large screen because in truth, we could see nothing, there were so many people.  We watched loads and what a fabulous surprise, we were opposite the building that the Warhorse was on, so actually got to see that.

We were lucky, yes the heavens opened, but we had seen most of it and so we left.

The next day we ended up in Hyde Park, watching the concert on the big screen, with thousands of people.  It was fantastic, and again the weather was great.  To say it was a washout, is a great big lie.  To say lots of people had a great time, is so true. 

Considering we had planned none of what we did that weekend, it was brilliant and a weekend I will never forget. 

LONDON is an amazing city and The British sure know how to party xxxxx

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