Wednesday, 5 January 2011

Well, I did it again !!

Well, as the title says, I did it again.
Yesterday I tidied the bathroom and my sons room !!

I am supposed to be trying to master the art of Getting Things Done as per the book !! But I just went ahead and did some stuff that, although needed doing, was not relevant to what I am trying to achieve. Habits are so hard to break , I am so used to not being that organised, that I am finding it hard to be organised LOL

However, I did manage to remind myself of some things that I wanted on my GTD list, for future reference, so I dont assume thats all bad . Sometimes, I guess you just have to go with whats good for you.

It might help if I got on with reading the book, because I havent got past the collecting information stage !!!!! So maybe thats why I am not getting it right LOL

I have however drafted a pattern for a wedding bag that I want to make for my new FOLKSY shop, which goes with a jacket that I am working on too. So I guess I am making progress.

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