Monday, 24 January 2011

Photo Tips Tried

Well, my mission for today was to try and get a better photograph !!!
Here is the original. So , did I manage to get it to look better ? ?
First tip was outside. Cloudy day it is then, no sun in sight. However, no one warned me about the breeze factor !!! I put a covering on the floor first so that my fabric did not get damp, then had to hunt around for something to hold that down because it wanted to blow away into next doors garden !!! I had to wait until lunchtime too, because builders are next door blowing dust everywhere !!!
Tip two was to have a simple background, your item should be the star !! No problem to do that one, I have fabric everywhere !!
For some reason, one of the settings kept making the flash go off !! I did not want that, but it did not do it on all settings, so I just changed the setting I used , simples . LOL
Crisp and clear photos !!! I have had to delete several, they do not fall into that category !! LOL Thank goodness you can delete on digital cameras
This one is done indoors, and I quite like it, infact, I would have to say, I think they have all improved from the ones I took before.
Another of the tips that I read was to have things at an angle, this is to add depth. I like that too.

I uploaded my pictures onto my laptop , transfered them to Microsoft Office 2010 and then edited them. I have hopefully made them so that they will be the correct size and shape to fit in my Folksy shop. I shall be going off to do that now. If you have any feedback to give then it would be much appreciated.

Thankyou for looking, and reading. Hope the tips help


  1. I have to edit mine too it's such a pain, especially with the dark days. Folksy doesn't help either with having to have the image square :0)

  2. You have managed to give your subject texture in your new photos so they show it off to better advantage. Living in central Scotland I know all too well the weighting fabric down palaver to stop the wind blowing it away.

  3. Very good images, your bag has come alive. The one on the white background looks as if it is floating. Beautiful.
    I am glad you are back on Misi!