Friday, 5 February 2010

I WON , yay !!!!

I won a prize !!!!! I have never won anything before !.

Spratsie, one of the people on had posted a thread to win one of her sculptures. you just had to pick your favourite one and say why.

I picked the one called Blowing Kisses Your Way . I really liked it, and as I am a wedding dressmaker, amongst other things, if it wasn't for love I would have no job !!!!! What a lovely name for a sculpture.

I am not giving it away either, its beside my TV , blowing kisses my way !!

Well, you can't possibly expect me to give away the only prize I have ever won, can you !

here, could you give this away x

She has other ones, and they are very reasonably priced, so if you are looking for a gift thats a bit special go to and check out Spratsie store - The Seven Seas

Happy Valentines xx

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  1. Congratulations on winning a prize...always exciting.