Saturday, 30 January 2010

Next Blogs

Do you ever just go to the top of the page and keep clicking Next Blog until it stops changing them.
I love doing that, you can find some lovely sites that you did not know existed. Do you think it's just because I am nosey, I like to think of myself as being curious.
Sometimes it is a shame that I do not know the different languages as I seem to come across lots of blogs not written in English, I really think it might be nice to learn a new language.

Time is my enemy. At the ripe old age of ' nearly 40' I find that it slips away so much quicker than it used to.
Perhaps I should spend less time 'browsing' the internet, and more time 'doing'.

I do not know why the writing has changed !! I have pressed the same button again and it did not go back to normal.

I am afraid computers are not a strong point for me. Probably why I 'waste' so much time, making mistakes. But there is soooo much on here.

I shall make a list. That seems to be my hobby lately, lists of everything. I have joined a yahoo group called Getting Things Done and although I have read some of it and tried to follow the rules, I still have not found the 'time' to do it properly. I have however found that I am much more productive than I used to be, and that is definately a good thing. So , maybe its not a bad thing that I am 'nosey/curious' (take your pick). I would, after all, not have made myself more productive by being this way.

Note to self; its ok to have the time to be curious, you might learn something useful. I think it should be on everybody's list

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