Saturday, 11 February 2012

Finally Photographed !!

Well, I finished this jacket the other day and got around to photos eventually !!!

 I have still been trying to get better at them, which is why it has taken a while to do them .  I seem to be getting there.

 I am pleased with the jacket and was considering opening my Etsy or Folksy shop again, but can't decide which one.  !! .   The jacket would look great for weddings, prom or evening wear and personally I love this colour , so warming and its nearly Valentines Day so I guess there has been a lot of it about .
TIP ;-     I love the ruffles but have not really done them in the past,I found them difficult to get neat. I found a great way to easily do them is to have 2 rows of gathering stitches. It makes a much nicer ruffle and also found this makes sleeve heads ( different project) easier to fit by using the same method.

 Any comments about photography would be gratefully received , or the jacket, obviously :)  Its made in a lovely burgundy satin, with diamante centred flowers.  Gotta love a bit of bling :)
There are also two bags I have designed to go with the jacket, one of them is now finished, but again, slow photographer , didn't catch the best light .

Have a good day :)


  1. Hi Paula, do you have any photo editing software? The lower picture would definitely be better if it were lightened. If not, you could always email them to me and I could do some Photoshopping for you? I'm away tomorrow morning for a few days, but if you like to send me a copy of that lower pic I'll play around with it when I get back and you can see what I mean.
    Joy xx

  2. Oh Thankyou Joy, I cant seem to get on with what my friend put on my computer, I tried to download Picasa but my computer said no LOL x